SilverLine is an award winning game created based on the prompt silver lining. In the game, you are an art dealer who is buying and selling art pieces in order to earn enough money to buy your stolen propeller hat back from a thief. Buy and sell artwork as you hop on and off a subway train and keep track of which pieces are real and fake to maximize your profits!

SilverLine is released for free on! Download or play in your browser here:

This game was made by a 6 person team for the College for Creative Studies 48 Hour Challenge 2021, and placed first in the video game category and second overall in the competition. The team includes: Dillan Murillo, James Cannizzaro, Brendan Roarty, Marissa Borowski, Mads Pappas, and myself.

For this project, I was tasked with designing and creating the subway platform environment. I was also able to help out with modeling some art piece assets as well.