Spirited Suites

Spirited Suites is a quirky 3D Puzzle Platformer about a space explorer who crash lands on a mysterious planet leading to his demise. However, that doesn't stop him from exploring the strange hotel towering over him! Use your lifeless corpse to battle, solve puzzles, and reach the top of the hotel to retrieve your ship and return home.

Spirited Suites is out now on itch.io! Check it out here: https://cannedgluten.itch.io/spiritedsuites

Spirited Suites was developed by Team Canned Gluten as a Senior project at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan. It was developed using the Unity Engine over a span of around 6 months. The team includes: Dillan Murillo, James Cannizzaro, Brendan Roarty, Marissa Borowski, Mads Pappas, Thomas Hamilton, and myself.

For this project, I was tasked with environment and level design and with modeling many environments based off of design from other team members. I created the Hotel and Lobby models based off of concept art provided by Mads Pappas. I also worked on modeling, texturing, and set dressing on both the Kitchen and Suites levels that were blocked out by Thomas Hamilton.